Club News


  • 7-18-19    The new batteries for the charging station have been installed!

Thanks, Jonathan Holt and Bill Crawford!!


  • 7-15-19    




Please put out a request to our members to come mow the field "End-To-End'

on Thursday morning starting about 8:00 am to get it ready for Warbirds.

Ask for a RSVP so we know how many machines we will have.




Anyone That Can ? & Will ?

Come Help Us Out  ! ! 

Thursday  --- July 18th ---

George Done A Bunchaa Mowing  This Past Friday ,

But -- Lots of Mowing Still Needs To Be Done .

If You Can ? Bring Your Mower ?

Lets Getter Done  ?? ! ! ! 




  • 6-3-19      From Bill Crawford

We are 6 months into the year 2019.

it looks like we are growing on this our 60th year.
let's welcome our new members since January:
Mike Londke..Sam Londke...Larry Mullican...Chad Hill..Dave Mettetal..

Isaac Threlkeld...Marcia Stephens..Randy Sellers...Tony Bosco...

Jeremy Jackson...William Jackson...Travis Houser...Imad Salem...

Mitch Drew...Jalhaziel Lopez...Rosendo Lopez...Marty Harris..

Eric Williams...Richard Ricca...Edward Kollaja...Michael Geiger...

John Davis...William Tuggle...Gary Ralph...George Crowley.


  • 2-8-19              NOTICE                        NOTICE 

    It Has Been Requested That Coffee Airfoilers

Restrict The Flying Of ---DJI Drones--- 

From Flying,     At The Coffee Airfoilers Flying Sites       

 On   Arnold Airforce Base ...    

This Action Has Been Set By The DOD

Directed By The DOD----           

"Department Of Defense regulations"          

Per The DOD --  

No One Is Allowed To Fly Any DJI Product        

At  Coffee Airfoilers Field, Or, On Any Military Base .



  • 1-3-19  NOTICE: The Gate Code  Has Changed ..

The New Gate Code is --  #@&!+=*#$ ^ -- 

If You Have Any Problems Deciphering That  ? 

Contact :  Ms. Kelly Crawford


  • 12-19-17  NOTICE:  Registration rule reinstated

On December 12, 2017, President Donald Trump signed legislation that reverses the earlier court ruling in the John Taylor case and restores the FAA’s UAS registration requirement, including for AMA members. AMA believes that registration makes sense at some level, but has pushed for a more reasonable threshold. While we address these issues, members will be legally required to comply with the FAA registration requirement.  AMA’s Government and Regulatory Affairs department has put together some frequently asked questions. Answers are based on the information available at press time and are subject to change. 



  • 11-29-17  The new club By-Laws have been posted. 


  • 9-19-17  The new and agreed upon "Field Rules" have been posted. 


  • 11-13-16  Our friends at Family Hobbies are now offering ONLINE ORDERING!  Visit their website: