Field Rules


                                         Coffee Airfoilers Field Rules


1) A current FULL AMA license is required to fly models at all Coffee Airfoilers sites.

2) Automobile and other vehicles should be parked in designated areas. No vehicles will be     allowed on paved or grass runways.

3) Spectators are always welcome.  Spectators are not allowed in flying area unless      accompanied by an active member.

4) Spectators and members are required to control the activities of their children and pets, and     to also clean up after themselves.

5) Cigarette butts are not to be left on the ground anywhere.

6) No F.M. transmitter shall be turned on without a current flying authorization card attached      to the frequency control board.

7) All pilots should state loudly on take-off and landing what their intention is and from what     direction.

8) Members may invite guests to use field under the following conditions:

     a) Guest flyers must have in his/her possession a valid Full AMA license and be accompanied          by an Airfoilers member.

     b) Anyone who is not a member of the AMA may be introduced to R/C flying by one of the          clubs AMA licensed instructors.

     c) The host member is responsible for his/her guest (i.e. must familiarize the guest with the          club rules and verify AMA membership).

9) No flying of fuel powered aircraft before 8:00 a.m. on any day of the week is permitted.

10) No flying allowed if under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 


1) The safe operation of all activities at Airfoilers flying sites is of prime importance.  Model    airplane operations should be conducted in accordance with the official “AMA SAFETY CODE”.

2) R/C pilots should stand (or sit) between the pit area and the runway when flying. Pilots are    not allowed on the runway, unless retrieving or launching a model. It is recommended that    pilots fly from one of the designated pilot stations. (Hand launch glider pilots are exempt.)

3) No powered flight over pits, spectator area, or parking area will be allowed. (Gliders at high    altitude are exempt.)

4) When there are two or more aircraft in the air, a pattern should be flown to avoid a mid-air    collision.

5) Pilots should not fly their planes over the SKEET RANGE or the GOLF COURSE.

6) All traffic patterns shall be flown to the east of the runway in either left or right direction,    depending on wind direction.  However, sailplanes are allowed to fly and land in the areas north    and south of the parking lot, west of the runway.

7) Only take-offs, landing, and touch and gos are permitted over the runway.  All other modes of    flight, including aerobatics, high and low speed passes, 3D, knife edge, etc., should be    conducted east of the runway.

8) An effective muffler is required on all engines.

9) Dead stick and landing aircraft always have the right of way.

10) Engine run up is allowed only in the pit area and run up areas.

11) Due to spectator safety, on engine starting and when running up, propellers must always      face the runway.

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