Digital Media


 Follow this link to find Coffee Airfoilers on Facebook:

Ernie Miller's many videos can be found on YouTube at:
and at

Ernie has also posted several CAF related photo albums at:

Our club photographer, Mr. Rich Eichel, has posted many photo albums of CAF events.  All of the albums can be found at:

Eric Bjorn has also posted a video that he recorded at the field:
(Eric says:Fun to view full screen with the speakers on loud.  Watch it all or skip to the landing…sweeeeet!)

Please visit and patronize our friends at Family Hobbies, 215 S. Lowry Street, Smyrna, TN 37167 (615-355-0775):

Please visit and patronize our friends at as they donate items for our events.

If any one else has photos or videos posted anywhere on the web and would like to share with the club, please email the webmaster with the link.