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NOTICE!            NOTICE!             NOTICE!

Float Fly At Woods Resv.

Arnold Air force Base 

​Originally Scheduled For

June - 24th

Because Of The

Uncertain Weather ? ? 


The Possibility Of


 High Winds ! ! ? ? 


ThunderStorms  ? ?  ! ! !

Has Been Rescheduled


"July 8th"

More information will follow

 6-15-17  The June 2017 Meeting Minutes have been posted.
Flight training starts on Saturday, April 22nd, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm.  We will train our members who need to learn to fly and we are always excited to get people interested in R/C flight in the air for an orientation flight.

 1-26-17  Ernie has posted a GREAT video of pictures from the banquet!
 12-19-16 A link to the PBS Episode of "Tennessee Uncharted" which was filmed, in part, at our field on August 13th Model Aviation Day is provided.
 11-13-16  Our friends at Family Hobbies are now offering ONLINE ORDERING!  Visit their website:

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